Reading and Learning

Working on a website at work, but just the design, not the coding. We’re outsourcing the coding and the SEO to a company in our area. They have me designing it in Photoshop which is fine my me, because PSD and AI are my bread and butter, but I’m a print guy.  Dreamweaver still feels foreign to me and I know that CSS is where it’s at with web design, but I still haven’t picked up HTML yet, so learning both coding languages feels about as hard as learning Chinese.

It’s amazing how much longer everything takes when it comes to web design. With print, you just sketch out your design, copy and paste your text, pull in a few pictures and implement your design on screen. Make changes and adjustments, create a PDF and bang, it’s off to the printer.  With web design, you really have to know the language to get the effects you want and there is so many things that can affect your design like browsers and OS’s and internet speed. My biggest problem is the lack of control I have over my text and the font selection. I feel like I’m limited to Arial or Times New Roman because not everyone has Insignia or Myriad on their computers. and Tracking and kerning are basically out the window. So to is the ability to remove hyphenation and to wrap text (at least in my world right now).

I have an HTML book that I’m trying to read, and I’m using Total to help me get the hang of Dreamweaver, but reading a coding language book is like reading a calculus text book…..BORING. Apparently not for this kid though. Kind of makes me sick that a 15 year old can pull off something like that and I can’t pick up simple HTML.  Maybe I just need to stop complaining.

CSS seems like it’s not that hard to pick up, but it’s a matter of doing it or finding the time to do it. Reading text books is not something I look forward to though so I may have to consider going back to school.  In the mean time, just gotta keep reading and playing.

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