Coming Along

So we’re a few months into the design of the new website. Right now the temp┬áhome page is up there and we’re just waiting for the admin side so we can start testing how ads are going to be uploaded. I’ve been designing hundreds of small ads to upload so that the site is nicely populated once we launch towards the end of the month. The programing company, however seems to be dragging their feet. Maybe i’m wrong, but how long is it supposed to take to program a site? We handed off the PSD files to them over a month ago now. Is one month a fast turn around for a graphics-based job board?

Along the way I’ve tried to pick up some web design ability, but have not had the time at work, or the drive at home sadly to do more. I’ve actually gotten more immersed into reading blogs, twittering ( and blogging myself in the past few weeks. Things that I felt, in the recent past, were a waste of time. I mean, there’s just so much information out there that I would need to make it my full time job, just to take it all in (see my first post). And really, who needs, or wants to read what I have to say? I guess once it becomes your “job”” you’re basically forced to see what all the hype is about, and I still find i’m incredibly far behind it all. I guess better late than never.

I will certainly update again once we get a better handle on how the insides of this new site will work.

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