Portfolio Ideas

So, it’s time again to update the portfolio. I’m replacing my large, cumbersome, (and pointy!) metal portfolio “lunch box”, that requires presentation boards and takes up an employer’s entire office with a nice, perfectly sized, leather case. During my time choosing different pieces of my work and waiting for them to print out, I thought about the possibility (and professionalism) of just showing up to interviews with my macbook and a PDF presentation of my work. Obviously, taking the time to print, cut and mount your work into a special case shows your reverence for the work you’ve done, but in this digital age, where so many employers are looking more and more for a graphic designer with a large library of interactive work and are less concerned with printed material, wouldn’t it make sense to literally have a digital portfolio?

I’ve even thought about using this as an excuse to pick up an iPad to use as my “portfolio case”. Potential employers could just as easily see my printed work on the nice vibrant screen, but could then see any websites or flash work in action with the swipe of a finger. Plus, I get a new toy to play with when not in an interview. But seriously, is anyone out there already doing this? Has anyone completely given up on the physical paper portfolio for the laptop or iPad version? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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