Ads of the 80’s

I just came across this little gem from the 1986 Phillies season…

How creepy is that first “fan” cheering on Juan Samuel? It made me cringe and wonder, how did someone approve this for placement on TV? I always love going back and finding commercials and TV shows from my youth. Problem is, whenever I do, I’m sorry I did. Everything seems so staged and hokey. The production value was horrible, the acting was poor (although they are athletes) and the writing seemed to be trying too hard.

Yes I’m picking on this particular series of ads because I remember seeing them when i was little, and now that I’m in tune with the industry, I have much more of an appreciation (or disbelief) for how bad they were. It didn’t help that the product at the time wasn’t that great, since the Phils were just easing into an era of forgettable bastball. But overall, I find that if you go back 25 years and look at the production value of commercials in the 80’s, you wonder how anyone’s opinion was ever shaped by those ads.

Do you remember the “Ads of the 80’s?” if so, I’d love to hear about some of your favorites or least favorites. What about ads you thought were great as a kid, but seeing them now makes you smack your forehead? Or what about those ads that really were great back then and have inspired the ads of today? If you can find them online, I’d love to see them.

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One Response to Ads of the 80’s

  1. TJ says:

    Phillies commercials are still awful. I remember one that aired before they opened up CBP, and it featured the players dancing around and throwing clumps of grass up in the air.

    Yes, yes, I’m sold! I’m coming out to the ballpark so that I can watch the Phils play on grass instead of astroturf next season. Geniuses.

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