The Elusive Spark

You spend your parents money (and eventually your own) on a great education. You pay your dues and spend years honing your craft. You work hard and do your best to be creative in tough or uncreative situations. You finally get ahead a bit, only to be spun right back into the doldrums of having to prove yourself to others (not to mention prove TO yourself) that you have what it takes.

This has been life the past year for me. Economic hardships have hit a lot of companies and consequently, people lose their jobs. I’ve been included in that group, but luckily, I’m trained in a profession where it’s very easy to be your own boss if you have the skills and the drive to make it happen.

It’s been quite a year since getting laid off from the only truly creative position I’ve held. I learned how to be a father, spent a great amount of time with my daughter, learned HTML and CSS, got myself a website and even landed some steady freelance work. The one thing I’ve always missed as I look back on my career is being part of a creative team.

That’s why I’ve continued to send out resumes to agencies and businesses all over the Philadelphia area in hopes of landing with a great company with a talented group of people. Sure, freelancing is great, especially when I’m working on projects while sitting on my deck enjoying the sun or keeping my own hours, but I’m the kind of person who thrives on communication and interaction.

I feel that communication breeds creativity, and when you are the lone source of creativity for too long, things can get stale. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. Sure, it’s disheartening to get virtually no response to all those resumes, that’s only natural. But in fact, I feel I’m a better designer than I was a year ago. I’ve had the chance to do some fun small projects and work on getting my personal website and portfolio in order. I’m also much more confident in my web design abilities and my abilities to support myself if that dream job never materializes.

I’m just looking for that spark. Have you found yours?

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